We develop amazing apps / games for any platform / device.

We are a fresh, new company formed by a bunch of guys with a lot of experience.

Do you have a crazy idea?


Not all apps are the same.

“Software design, gaming, development, products should be fun.”

We enjoy the collaborative process required by software development. This is the "game" that leads to better software, and software that leads to more productivity… or sometimes just a fun game.

Behind each application there is an objective, there is an expectativa. We make things happen.

All platforms are the same.

We have a combined experience designing complex applications spanning decades that includes Paid Positioning, Search Engines, SaaS Models applied to Dynamic Application Templating, Multi-Platform Software Distribution and Cloud Based Computing via Amazon Web Service and Microsoft’s Azure. Our focus is on delivering robust software solutions based on the needs of both our customers and the project.

Through experience in development, we approach each project and platform as the same challenge to create simple yet powerful architectures...

etwirl believes “Gaming the System” isn’t just a tag line. It’s a software development philosophy.


Internal & RD

In order for etwirl to understand the market, over more robust services to our clients and make some products of our own, we reinvest in our own company by maintaining a research and development group here in-house. This group develops technologies that leverage the concepts explained previously as well as providing platforms for products and services we can over our clients. It gives us the hands on knowledge necessary to develop the complex products contracted by clients.

SpcerOur R&D focuses on user behavior in social media and gaming, trends in entertainment and research as well as current levels of technology penetration and usage. All of this aimed at developing more engaging products that can influence and change real world habits.

Products that achieve this make willing participants out of once captive users. And from our point of view, there is no end to the list of advantages when people are actually… well, just having fun.

We develop meaningful applications, that make you work and perform better.


Professional team process.


We subscribe to the philosophy of the right tool for the job. Therefore, as professionals, we understand that we must adapt to fit your needs. This applies not only to the development language and platform that’s right for the project, but also the process and workflow that fits your team. Agile vs. cascade, MS Team Foundation Server vs. Trac; these decisions are based on how to best work with you.


“We subscribe to the philosophy of the right tool for the job...”

This ability to adapt to each client translates into an efficient and cost effective relationship tailored to allow eTwirl to insert itself as an integral part of an in house development team or deliver turnkey solutions to a company with no development experience at all.

“... and enjoy the collaborative process required by software development.“


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